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Our brand Yumz is known for quality, consistency, taste and value. Yumz is serving its Horeca products mainly to the institutional clients like restaurants and hotel industry. Our delicious range of products like mayonnaise variant and sauces, recipes, marinade and seasoning can savor thought exciting flavors.


yumz food expert business collateral, recent trends and current business plans to lead the way in innovation and have an established track record of success. Whether you are adding spice and flavor to your next party with premium quality mayonnaise, we are dedicated to deliver quality food at your table.

Organic Plain Mayonnaise

Silky and versatile, it’s an elegant offering suited for dipping, spreading and a multitude of as -yet discovered applications. Yumz classic Mayonnaise is a blend of vegetable oil, eggs and high quality ingredients with an appealing taste. It is an ideal dressing used to enhance the taste of salads, burgers and sandwiches. Due to high tech manufacturing process and selected ingredients, our Mayonnaise retains its whole creamy texture for a longer time.


While lesser known than its more popular cousin, Mayo Dressing, has become really popular with healthy dinners looking for something lighter on the menu.  It’s been adapted with lower fat-mayonnaise for the growing ‘fitness foodie’ demographic. Our Mayo Dressing is proudly made with wholesome ingredients that create an irresistibly taste, ideal for all eating occasions. Carefully blending rich oils and nutritious eggs, our mayo dressing brings you the taste of that creamy and fluffy spread you know and love. When added with our Mayo Dressing, your salad is bursting with tons of healthy fats making it a super substantial and flavorful lunch combo you won’t get sick off.


Our Real Mayonnaise is a delicious condiment for a variety of foods. Spread it on a sandwich, burgers and more. We know that to really “offer the best”, we need to do more than just great taste. That’s why our delicious premium quality Real Mayonnaise is made with real ingredients sourced from trusted farms. It’s the ideal condiment o sandwiches and wraps, grilling juicy burgers, mixing creamy dips and preparing fresh salads.

Tasty Ketchup

WE are mindful that great tasting meals start with great ingredients. Savor the thick, tasty goodness of Yumz 100% Natural Tomato Ketchup, an all-natural condiment idea for families. Yumz ketchup is great on burgers, fries, BBQ and more. Yumz Ketchups are made from red-ripe tomatoes and choice seasonings and spices, producing on thick, rich sauces. Enjoy this yummy and tasty ketchup made without preservatives or artificial ingredients at your next meal.  Contains 38.5 oz of Ketchup; 20 calories per serving. Yumz best ever tomato Ketchup comprises of up to 65 tomatoes per pouch of 4 kg.   

Delicious Chili Garlic Sauce

Add flavor to your plate with our exclusive Chili Garlic Sauce. Featuring a blend of tomatoes, chili, garlic, herb and spices, this sauce is sure to make every bite delicious. Yumz Chili Garlic Sauce is spicy enough to amuse the taste buds because it is proudly made with wholesome ingredients that create a compellingly smooth texture that is perfect for many culinary creations. Decorate your burgers and sandwiches without any worry, and dip your fries freely, because this sauce meets our strict quality standards. Stock up for party- time grilling, picnics and BBQ dishes.  


We have passion for what we do and we want our employees to join with us. From suppliers to vendors to employers to customers to acquisition targets, we are on a mission to build one of the premier food brands. To release our commitment, we are focused on our delivering great tasting, high quality food products to our customers and providing a world-class experience that feels them welcome and valued. We believed that Passion is the compelling tendency to put more energy into our products and express enthusiasm towards what we love and that is strong work ethic, time management and interpersonal skills.


Our Research and Product Development department is our hallmark where our biggest asset is to develop the customized product development is shortest possible time. We have successfully built, launched, acquired, assisted and grown number of restaurants in the market. We collaborate with multi-national restaurants to develop their customized in their exclusive packaging; whereby we design their art-work, print and manage eye-catching packaging for our valued clients. If there’s a market opportunity.

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